Fehmi Yavuz was born in Sepetci Köyü (Beyazaltin), Eskisehir in 1967 and he started carving of meerschaum in his primary school years (like his older brother Huseyin Yavuz), following a tradition of his village. He has fulfilled this job step by step from meerschaum shafts to meerschaum carving. Firstly he started working at meerschaum stone workshop. Later he began working beside his brother and learned how to carve meerschaum stone.

Fehmi Yavuz started his business activity in 2005. Firstly he founded “ Beyaz Inci Luletasi “ (White Pearl Meerschaum) in Atlihan El Sanatlari Çarsisi (Atlihan Handicrafts Bazaar). After that, he founded his second shop in Koprubasi Çukur Çarsi as a branch of Beyaz Inci Luletasi in Atlihan. Now he has two meerschaum shops and he welcomes so many domestic and foreign tourists from Turkey and all over the world.

For the past 15 years Fehmi Yavuz has been working on Meerschaum stones and making beautiful decorative objects such as chessmen, beads, pipes and boxes. All pieces are artistic works: with delicate workmanship, he carves historical portraits, dragons, lions and eagles out of meerschaum stone. Fehmi Yavuz has also served as a director in the Craftsmen Association of Meerschaum Stone for 2 years.

Now Fehmi Yavuz is only meerschaum carver who has his own meerschaum shafts. He has two meerschaum shafts in Eskisehir, Beyaz Inci Köyü (White Pearl Village). He welcomes domestic and foreign tourists who are interested in this stone to his meerschaum shafts.